The New Clock Tower

It is located in Jamal Abdul Nasser Square in the city center of Homs, it was built in 1957, a Homsi expatriate called Kurjeyah Haddad donated an amount of 60 thousand Syrian Pounds to the municipality of Homs to build the clock tower. It is often called Kurjeyah Haddad after her. For more than a half century, the tower has become a distinctive part of the identity and fabric of Homsand maintained its shape except some minor modifications.

At the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011, the tower became a staging post for demonstrations. On 18 April 2011, thousands of people gathered atthe clock tower in response to the calls for a peaceful protestat the square. Around 02.00 a.m. at that night, the Republican Guard Forces and the Air Force Intelligence raided the square and started shooting protestors arbitrarily.

Up to this day, the exact number of the victims is still unknown, that day is still remembered as “The massacre of the clock tower”.

Text: Reem Lababidi

Abdulaziz Droubi