Sami Al-Droubi

Sami Al-Droubi

Sami Musbah al-Droubi was born in Homs. He was certified by the Teachers ‘Institute in Damascus and worked as a teacher there. In 1943, he was deployed to Egypt, where he obtained a bachelor degree in philosophy from the faculty of literature at Cairo University in 1946.

After he returned to Syria, he worked as a philosophy teacher at many schools in Homs, then as a university lecturer in the department of philosophy at Damascus University. In 1952, he received a PhD in Paris, and then returned to Damascus University as a lecturer.

In 1959, he was deployed to Egypt as a director for the ministry of culture, then to Brazil as a cultural consultant for the United Arab Republic. After the United Arab Republic was split up, he came back to Syria where he was designated as the minister of education. He worked also as a diplomat in many Arab and foreign countries and as the Permanent Representative of Syria in the Arab league.

He was an author, critic and translator; he translated many masterpieces of Russian novels. Those transplantations shed light on the Russian literature and introduced famous writers like Tolstoy and Dostoevsky to the Arab scholars.

Sami Al-Droubi is one of the most famous names among Homsi intellectuals and he was memorialized by naming one of the most famous halls in the cultural centre in Homs after him.

Text: Lina Az-Zakaimi