Rabea Al-Akhras

  • Sculptor Rabea Al-Akhras was born in Homs, Syria.
  • He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture, University of Damascus in 1978.
  • He is famous for sculptural monument squares. He has nearly 30 monuments, their heights cahnge between 2 - 30 meters.
  • He has had many personal exhibitions from 1978 till now.
  • He has participated in several symposiums and biennials.
  • He designed many awards and trophies.
  • Designed a lot of advertisment, book covers, and theatre decoration.
  • He has participated in several Arbitration Committees, lectures and seminars.


Camel Square  (Jeddeah - Saudi Arabia)

Hight 21 m.

Accomplished in 1997

"Horses of Conquest"  (Jeddah - Saudi Arabia)

Accomplished​ in 2003.

Industrial marble

The seventh square (Amman - Jordan).

"Human and History"

Hight 12m.

Accomplished in 2001.