Najah al-Saati: the first Syrian and Arabic Pharmacist (1915 – 2016)

Najah al Saati

She was born in Homs in 1915 to an intellectual family. Her father is Adib al-Saati; the owner of  “Boy from the Orient” (Fata Ash-Sharq) newspaper which was shut down by the French. On November 15, 1949 she graduated from Damascus University to become the first pharmacist in Syria and the Arab World, then started working in her own pharmacy which was named after her.

She joined the Syrian Red Crescent in the same year and was elected as an administrative member and financial officer. Once the first pharmacists union was established in Homs, she was elected as a member and then a secretary of the union. In 1955, Al-Saati represented Syria in the Child and Women Protection Conference held by The International Women's Democrat Union in Lausanne, Switzerland. She was elected as a council member as well as a member in the Permanent Committee of International Mothers among 35 other women from all over the world. The committee aimed to protect children and mothers, increasing women’s participation in all life aspects and protecting people from war.

Text: Lina ِAz-Zakaimi