Mustafa Bustanji

  • He is the godfather of many plastic artists in Homs and a great art stature on the national and Arabic level.
  • He was born in Homs in 1931 and studied there until he finished high school.
  • He was fond of studying and reading. He travelled to Italy and graduated from The Art Academy in Florence in 1964.
  • After that, he moved to the Netherlands and apprenticed under great plastic artists there and he was a mixture of talent and smartness.
  • The artist Bassam Jbaili described Bustanji’s art: “Bustanji’s painting is abstract and it should be dealt with like this. What’s inside the painting is not accidental, it is an independent unit and a port into a periodical perfection. His ability to tame contradicting colours is amazing by finding the best equations to create a harmony among them. Abstract and expressionistic paintings create an effect over the spirit, just like music. It is an exalted level of art that transcends into higher human stages”.