Dik Al-Jin

Dik al-Jin

Abd al-Salam Ibn Raghban is from the Arabic tribe Banu Taym and known by his nickname "Dik al-Jin" which implies "a gin in human form".

He was born in 777 AD in Al Dreib Gate, Homs (in the old city now) and died when he was 72 years old. The poet didn’t leave his hometown and didn’t head to any royal palaces praising caliphs or princes. Nevertheless, he became very well-known, his poetry and literature were highly visible among his contemporaries.

The poet was known for his love story with a maid called Ward Bint Annaema who became his wife later. He wrote several poems for her. He says in a very famous one:

“Look at the sun of the palaces, its full moon, its lavender, and the joy of its roses,
the one with rosy cheeks whose name is known from listening to her, not from what’s being told”.

Text: Lina Az-Zakaimi