Abdul Muin Al-Mallouhi

Abdul Muin Al-Mallouhi

Al-Mallouhi was born in 1917 and raised in Homs. He graduated from the Teachers’ Institute in Damascus in 1942. In 1945, he graduated from Cairo University with a diploma in Arabic language.

He participated in establishing the Syrian Writers Union in 1951 and was a member of the Arab writers Union, The Academy of the Arabic Language in Damascus, and Research and Study Association.

Al-Mallouhi was a writer, researcher, and a translator. He started his literary career in the 1930s. Among his poems, “Bahirah” and “Ward” were the most famous ones.
However, his poem “Fate and Crime”, which was astonishing in its boldness, is where the poet declares that he is an atheist. Later the poem was banned from bookshops and public use. Nevertheless, Al-Mallouhi enriched the Arabic literature with over hundreds of books in different fields such as poetry, investigation, research and biography.

In the field of translation and human heritage, he has over thirty-eight translations from Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Daghistani, Pakistani, German, French, Italian and Bulgarian literature. He was awarded the "Vietnamese Friendship Prize" for his translation of Vietnamese poetry. Moreover, he wrote several articles for Swat Al- Shab newspaper in Damascus and he used to sign his articles by the name “Inveterate Communist”.

Text: Lina Az-Zakaimi