Abdul Karim Al-Yafi

Abdul Karim Al Yafi

Born and received his education in Homs by its Imams in the fields of Quran, Hadith Sharif and language until he graduated from high school (Math department) and joined the Faculty of Medicine at Damascus University. However, Al-Yafi didn’t finish his studies there because he was sent on a scholarship to study biology in France, where he obtained his Diploma in Math and Natural science in 1940, in addition to a Diploma in Literature between 1941-1945.

He was a teacher in Homs and in the department of philosophy at Damascus University. He was appointed as a senior expert of Demographics in the centre of Demographics, Social Science Institute in Damascus, and a member in many other Arab and international committees. He was the first chief editor of the Arabic Heritage magazine and a member of the Research and Study Association. Al Yafi also worked at the UN as an expert.

During his career, he was a fierce advocate of Arabic language and had a broad experience with Arabicizing scientific, social development and other related terms, nativizing the original Arabic culture in addition to working on translation and editing issues.

He was awarded the excellent honour of the Syrian Order of Civil Merit and it was when he said: “Knowledge is the origin of any development and the spring of any culture”. Al Yafi died after leaving behind a rich intellectual and scientific heritage’.

Text: Lina Az-Zakaimi